Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount, NC

The Rocky Mount Area

Founded in 1816, Rocky Mount’s history reaches back nearly 200 years to the time it was a small outpost centered around a post office. Today, the city has a population of over 57,000 residents and a charm unmatched by other North Carolina cities. This charm is evident wherever you look, from the cultural attractions to the Historic Mount Mills Village. Rocky Mount, NC even gained the title of an All-American City in 1970, recognizing the city’s unique attraction.

Cultural Attractions to Explore

Rocky Mount has a number of wonderful cultural institutes that attract many people from all over the state. From great art institutions such as the Maria V. Howard Arts Center to a children’s museum, Rocky Mount offers a diverse number of things to do and see. Popular spots include the Imperial Centre for Arts and Science, where a community theater can be found. Downtown is home to the Douglas Block, where many renovated historic buildings can be found. There is definitely no shortage of things to do in the area.
Historic Mount Mills Village
Surrounding an old mill, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the Historic Mount Mills Village. The residents of the homes in this village pride themselves on the upkeep of their historic integrity and their storied past. Of the original 145 homes, only 62 have survived to this day. Rocky Mount, NC is a place where you can literally walk through history.
All American City
The All American City Award is given out to cities that have shown their community is dedicated to overcoming local challenges. Rocky Mount has been recognized as such. Looking around and experiencing the sense of place and community first-hand, it is no wonder Rocky Mount won the award in 1970. Residents will tell you that Rocky Mount is more than just a city; it is a home.
A Charming City with Heart
Rocky Mount may not seem so impressive at first glance with only 57,000 inhabitants, but it becomes very apparent that there is something much more going on here. From great art and cultural institutes to a historic milling village, Rocky Mount is a place where history and tradition come alive. It is for these reasons that the city was recognized as an All American City. It is the reason residents have dedicated themselves to living in the most charming city in North Carolina.

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