Heating Installation

Heating Installation

Heating Services For The Wilson & Rocky Mount, NC Areas

If you live in the North Carolina weather, you are probably used to the beautiful warm summers. In fact, you may wonder if you would ever need heating services seeing the summers are so hot. Believe it or not, when it cools down in the winter, you are going to want heat. Affordable Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can bring the heat! We offer quick and efficient heating installation services to help you control your home's temperature. We make sure we use only the best products to ensure you have the best heating system setup in your home! When you choose us, you get a company that not only provides heating installation but also pays close attention to the efficiency of your home. We will do all we can to make your home as efficient as possible. We help you by saving you energy, providing emergency services, and offering the guaranteed lowest prices! Not only are you improving your comfort levels in your home, but you are getting the best bang for your buck. 
Whether you are looking to upgrade your heating system, you are moving into a new home or you are in the process of building a new home and need heating installation, we are here for you. We have worked on countless projects and have helped create a more comfortable living environment for our customers. There is a reason people constantly enlist us to set them up with a reliable heating system. Find out for yourself and give us a call today! We look forward to meeting you and learning how we can help!

To maximize your heating and save on your energy bill, we have a few tips for you:

These tips in addition to a new heating system will help give you the best results during the harsh winters! For any questions please give us a call!
Heating Installation
Adjust thermostat at night:

Turning down the thermostat at night can save a good amount off your heating bill per year. Investing in some heavier blankets may allow you to turn your heating system down 10 to 15 degrees each night while still allowing you to stay warm!

Heat only the rooms you use:

If you have guest rooms or storage rooms that you do not use, it will be greatly beneficial to close off the vents going into those rooms. This will allow for a more concentrated airflow into the rooms of your home that you use more frequently. Your heating system will have to work less hard to keep these rooms warm and you will save money!

Keep your furnace or heating system clean:

Keeping your vents and furnace maintained properly will allow you to reduce energy consumption and help save on heating costs.  Check your furnace filter once a month to make sure it stays clean. When it gets dirty, simply replace it.

Insulate your home:

This will be a bit of an investment depending on how much insulation is needed. You can find cheap insulation material such as foam weather stripping for your doors and windows. This small solution will help cover up those areas that heat is escaping out of your home!

Use the sun as free heat:

Open up those curtains during the day and let the sunlight in, you can give your heating system a break on some of the coldest days if it is sunny enough out and your windows are facing the right direction! When the sun goes down, close the curtains to help retain the heat!
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